15 Min Full Body Intense HIIT Cardio

Introduction: 15 Min Full Body Intense HIIT Cardio

This 15 min full body intense HIIT cardio workout uses only your body weight and zero equipment to help you get a great strength and heart pumping workout. It also has beginner modifications so anyone at any fitness level will be able to perform this training.

Workout Format:

15 sec rest, 45 sec work interval, 15 rounds

There are 15 plyometric body weight exercises:

1. Low Kicks 2. Double Jumping Jack 3. High Knees 4. Half Burpees 5. Twisting Squat w/ Toe Touches 6. Plank Jacks 7. 6 Hooks + 2 Tuck Jumps 8. Side Shuffle with Jabs 9. Plank In/Out Hops 10. Fast Runs + 2 Jumping Lunges 11. Plank Side Hops 12. 6 Bunny Hops + 2 High Jumps 13. Single Leg Jump Rope 14. Single Leg Jump Rope (other side) 15. 8 Squat Pulses + 8 Squat Hops

If you want, you can repeat everything one more time for an intense 30 min HIIT cardio workout.

Hopefully you find this workout helpful and you can add it into your weekly cardio routine.

For more body weight only cardio and strength workouts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5eJCT09znHyY6sCwiun5PkLJPOswYbQT

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