15 Minute Ruana (Bolivian Poncho)




Introduction: 15 Minute Ruana (Bolivian Poncho)

A Ruana is a wrap style poncho which is very easy to make and wear. You wrap yourself in it, let it hang loose or throw one edge over the shoulder and secure with a pin (if desired). You can even use it as a throw or blanket when sitting in a chair or sofa.This makes the design and use very practical.. Made of fleece or any other fabric (so it's washable), the Ruana can be dressed down or up. Try making one of silky fabric!

Step 1: Assemble Materials

  • 1 1/2 yds (polar) fleece
  • scissors
  • pins
  • ruler
  • thread
  • sewing machine or needle

Step 2: Trim Edges of Fabric If Needed.

Step 3: ​Fold Fabric in Half to Form Rectangular Panel. Mark Top Layer of Fleece Fabric Down the Middle.

Step 4: Cut Top Layer Only Down the Middle Along Marked Line From Previous Step.

Step 5: All Around Hemming: Fold Over Outer Edge of Fabric (approx. 1/2 In.) to Inside and Sew Down by Machine or Hand With Running Stitch. If Desired, Folding Over Twice Works Well Too. Back Stitch at Corners.

Step 6: Ruana Can Also Be Worn With One Side Over Shoulder and Secured With a Pin.

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