Introduction: 1998' Robotron Plotter - Renovation, Part 2 - the Prophylactic EPROM 2716 Replacement

Time ago was published the article about equipping the old-made (but not used) plotter Robotron REISS K6418 (CM 6415) with Bluetooth COM-port.

But folks are reminding, that UV EPROMs (here is M2716 type chips) have a limited guarantee time for storage of data. In the best consumer versions of UV EPROMS it is 25 years. Despite the fact the plotter is working fine now, it seems right at least to save UV EPROM's dumps in an archive.

Step 1: Two Things Were Made

Step 1 - make dumps the Robotron's native M2716 UV EPROMs.

Step 2 - make the prophylactic EEPROM bank replacement using one Winbond W27C512 chip.

See "Diary" for details.