Introduction: 1st Anniversary Megabuild!

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Wow it's been one whole year since I began my instructing, really doesn't feel like it :|

To celebrate my 1st anniversary on the site, I have been building something magnificent, something that has become my most popular build throughout the year. STARWARS!

With over 2,000 views, my starwars builds were the perfect idea to reimagine! Enjoy

Step 1: Imperial Cannon

To make it easier and quicker to write this build up, there are step by step images and screenshots, but only a couple of paragraphs to describe the build and techniques used in that particular build.

The theme is starwars battlefield, with generic buildings, starting off the Imperial defence is the perimeter cannon. Built to a similar schematic from the orbital cannons from A New Hope, despite the much different cannon barrel. Using a single long cannon, adding stone stairs makes a great stock. And adding some windows without making an actual cockpit can work, you just have to make it quite subtle. The method for this cannon/tower is functionality. A plain square tower would be very UNuseful! Digging in to the tower, adding curves and creating a more complex build makes less space. Using multiple types of stone blocks adds a great sense of complexity, it shows that you have put in effort to your build. P.S: stone and stone brick works really well!

Step 2: Imperial Base

Based in the heart of the imperial defence lies the Empires Garrison Citadel. Build upon the mountain not into it, the method I used for this was it's purpose and usefulness. What would a garrison base utilise? How would they behold their duties? Creating the radar array was a part of that, and building It up to be quite an eyesore is useful to spot from troops far away. Again I must stress that it is very very effective if you combine different stone bricks, it really makes the difference!

Step 3: Tie Fighter

Nothing much different from my old tie fighter, merely simplifying.

Step 4: The Art of War

Destroying the environment is a great way to show war in dioramas. Simple TNT will work fine. Scatter the TNT, giving off the appearance of sporadic artillery fire.

Step 5: "Wall Mounted" Cannon

Same as the first cannon, just a tad larger. This is to show how at times you don't need to dig into a wall or mountain, just build around it and delete all remaining bricks inside or around to show rapid deployment or wear.

Step 6: Rebel Tank

This is a pure work of the imagination, a rebel armoured truck/tank! Using quartz and red wool, which in my opinion works well for rebel alliance buildings and vehicles.

Step 7: Rebel Turret

Famous from The Empire Strikes Back, this turret was quite fun to build, nothing complex at all. Best advice to to use rails to show off metal funnels.

Step 8: X-wing

Nothing much to say apart from it like just too awesome! Definatly my favourite build for a long time! :D

Step 9: At-st

All Terrain Scout Transport. A much better improvement from my original build last year. A Bigger head is always better when it comes to these machines. Good use of scale aswell, always keep in mind how big it is to the person operating it.

Step 10: Imperial Bunker

A decent bunker, nothing complex. Apart from the fact that I built the roof off stone slabs then put stone on top of that, to provide a ton of extra stability. Using furnaces as turrets is unorthodox, but can work at times.

Step 11: Rebel Control Platform

Inspired from the republic command post in the attack of the clones, this command post is the strategic mind behind the rebel offence. The use of stone benches makes a great substitute for metal boxes. Since the rebels are a tad skint at times, stray boxes would be quite common

Step 12: Imperial Shuttle

Another really fun build, the imperil shuttle is a great ship to build, especially as there so many variants to choose from. A cool feature is that the entrance hatch seems really natural to the ship, always consider the realism in your builds.

Step 13: Rebel Turret

Much more smaller but still packs a punch!

Step 14: Y-Wing

Sooo awesome, I really enjoyed making this ship, since this is my favourite starwars vessel! Sometimes don't overcomplicate builds, if you want something perfectly round don't forget that minecraft is a square block game!

Step 15: Destroy Your Ships

For the ultimate look, nothing beats sacrificing a really cool build to make it look completly destroyed, it may hurt to do so but it's great for diorama makers or adventure map makers :D

Step 16: A Fitting Conclusion

Here's to a great first year! And here's to another great year to come! Thank you all very much for your support, remember to always keep building, building is like drawing. After a while of interruptions, your skill will decrease over time :P

I will take a small break, but not for long. Keep going on minecrafters!