Introduction: $2 + 2 Min Kid's Lightsaber

With the new movie coming out I wanted to share a quick and easy toy lightsaber that my son loves.
These are all from my local "Dollar Tree". You'll need:
1. Glow Play Glowstick Wand

2. Glow Play Stick (I like the 14in version)

3. Tape (Masking tape is my preferred but almost any type will be just fine)

Step 1: Open the Glow Play Packages

Open the packages. You'll use the whole Stick, but will only need the handle from the Glowstick Wand. Discard the six small 8" glow sticks from the Glowstick Wand (or if you're me, you give them to your son to keep him occupied while you finish the lightsaber)

The photo shows the "bottom" of the Glowstick Wand since it is the end you'll be using to insert the Stick.

Step 2: Prep the "blade" to Go Into "handle"

The opening in the Glowstick Wand is a bit too big for the Stick to sit snugly into. To make the Stick fit snugly simply wrap some tape around the base of the Stick.

Step 3: Assemble!

Now just insert the Stick into the Glowstick Wand. Crack the Stick to start your lightsaber glowing and you are good to go!

Step 4: Now I Am the Master . . .

Find a dark room and go be awesome!

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