Introduction: 2 Bight Turk's Head Knot

The 2 bight turk's head knot is perfect for key ring fobs, lanyards, zipper, pulls, etc.

The top TH is a 2 bight. 7 lead

The longer white TH is a 2 bight, 5 lead

The shorter white TH is a 2 bight 3 lead

Step 1:

Leave about one foot tail on the left and attach your cord to a pencil or small diameter dowel. Wrap your cord around pencil two times.

Step 2:

Bring end of cord down over these turns and under the pencil.

Step 3:

Bring end of cord around pencil two times going over the cord as shown.

Step 4:

Bring end of cord from right to left going under, over, under and over.

Step 5:

The basic TH is complete. Now begin to double the knot by bringing the Working End parallel to the tail going under, then over, under and over.

Step 6:

Then from right to left going under, over, under, and over

Step 7:

Continue from left to right

Step 8:

And complete the doubling.

Step 9:

Remove the knot from the pencil and bring the Working End through the knot

Step 10:

Likewise bring the tail end through the knot forming the loop for the TH. Tighten the knot.

Step 11:

You must now tie the 2 strand knot of your choice to prevent the tail from going back through the knot.

Here are instructions for tying the diamond/lanyard knot. The pencil is there to show how the knot is formed.

Make a small loop with the right hand cord. (cord A)

Step 12:

Bring this loop over the left hand cord.(cord B)

Step 13:

Bring B under A and then over, under, over. Remove pencil.

Step 14:

Bring either end around cord that exits from the TH and through center of the diamond.

Step 15:

Do the same with the remaining end and tighten. The knot is complete

Step 16:

You can make this knot longer, Here I show going around three tines before the doubling process

Step 17:

And for the simplest go around one time before doubling the knot. This makes the 2 bight, 3 lead TH shown in the introduction