Introduction: 2 Easy and Cool Ways to Garden Indoors :)

For the first one you will need:
Assorted cacti
A cup or pot
Any aesthetic thing you would like

For the second one:
Some dirt

Step 1: Cacti :)

You can probably get them in lots of places but we found ours in a touristy shop. Put them in the pot surround them by dirt spray them with some water once a month or so and there you have your cacti ;)

Step 2: Moss :)

To make the moss one just fill a container halfway with some dirt. Then get a clump of moss and just put it there you don't need to bury it or anything just lay it on top. Water it a bit , put plastic rap over it then rubberband the plastic rap on. Then do not water it again the water will evaporate and drip back down again :) then you have a pretty moss garden. Remember to put it in a sunny place :). Also mine have grown a bit so yours may take a while to look like mine

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