>2 Feet Long - Pocket Measurement Jig

Introduction: >2 Feet Long - Pocket Measurement Jig

Do you think you can carry a 2 ft X 2 ft or 3 ft X 3 ft or larger Grid Ruler in your pocket? Aha... I have a simple, inexpensive and feasible solution. While it may be easy to carry a ruler, meter tape etc in a pocket, waller or a handbag, a grid ruler does not easily fit into a small space.

Typically, I opt out for this option during travel, meetups and if I have limited space to go on vacation and still not miss on my hobbies on the go. This Jig could be made 3 - 5 or even 6 ft long. Its common applications are not jut limited to fabric, paper, wood etc. Come share with me the joy of making this simple 'Measurement Jig'.


1. Parchment or butter or wax paper

2. Scissors

3. Needle

4. Ruler

5. Tape

Step 1: Getting the Grid Ready

In this step, I first took the foot long wax paper. Using a ruler I measured 2 feet of the paper. Then, I cut another 2 ft long paper and stuck these 2 paper to make it a 2 ft X 2 ft square.

Step 2: Making the Grid

In this step I folded the paper into half along both the sides. Making it a 12 in X 12 in square and I continued this which then make a 6 in X 6 in and later 1 in X 1 in squares or grids.

Step 3: Marking the Grid

In this step, I pierced the needle to make small holes at the grid points where the 1 in x 1 in horizontal and vertical lines meet. This step is necessary in order to make the markings on fabric, paper, wood etc.

Its easy, foldable and easy to carry along. Did you like this simple 'Measuring Jig'? Share your feedback.

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