Introduction: $2 Homemade Camera Dolly

The following steps will show you how to make a camera dolly for your smartphone for smooth movement when shooting videos

Step 1: Constructing the Dolly

Use jar tops for wheels. The larger they are the better.

Find the center of each wheel and make a hole using a tool.

Step 2:

Insert a straw into a small cube shaped piece of thermacol.

Step 3:

Cut a piece of thermacol approx 10 inches length x 6 inches width

Step 4:

Use a bamboo stick around 6 1/5 inches long and insert it into the straw attached to the cube of thermacol.

This would form the rear wheels.

Now the front. Do the same except place the cube of thermacol in the center of the straw. Put a bamboo stick through the straw and attach the wheels.

Step 5: Steering

To steer the wheels, put a stick through the front of the thermacol base and down into the cube. Use glue to stick the cube to the stick.

Step 6: Camera Support

Use a fairly stiff hollow long roll and make 1/2 inch cuts down the length of the roll about 2 inches apart. This will serve height adjustment for the camera later.

Step 7:

To give extra support insert a candy stick through two slits on opposite side of the vertical support. This must then be inserted into the camera dolly.

Step 8: Camera Support

Use a aluminum hanger and cut at the curved part and about 4 inches along the straight part.

Step 9:

Poke holes on either side of the roll for one piece of the hanger and two more holes on the other side for the second piece of the hanger.

Cut the roll in half (optional step)

Insert each piece of the hanger into the holes.

Step 10:

Use a rectangular piece of thermacol 4 inches x 2 inches and push it into the curved part of the hanger.

Step 11:

Push the camera holder down the support..

Insert a small piece of candy stick into one of the slits in the pole and rest the holder on it to stop it from sliding down.

Step 12:

Place the smartphone on the holder and put a rubber band around it to keep it steady.

Step 13: Shoot Some Video

Adjust the angle of the phone and point at the target.

Start recording and push the dolly down and forward for smooth movement.

If you're willing to spend more than $2, use roller skate wheels, wooden board, pvc pipes and a camera holder.

Good luck.