2 Ideas With Pipe Cleaners

Introduction: 2 Ideas With Pipe Cleaners

Hello guys I'm back with another instructables and this one is going to be a pretty cheap one it only cost me about 1$ 50¢ so please enjoy and leave a suggestion in the comment box for my next build. :)

Step 1: Items

1. Pipe Cleaner
2. Any kind of glue hot glue, UHU etc. it's really up to you
3. Fake eyes you can find them at any arts and craft store
4. "Pompoms" they can also be found at any arts and craft store
5. A pair of scissors.

Step 2: 1st Idea "Pencil Monsters"

So the first idea is a pencil monster they look cool.

Step 3: Eyes and Eye Holder

So firstly you cut your pipe cleaner in half and then make a loop after that apply some glue on the back of the eyes and put the eyes on the loop and let dry you have to make 2 of these.

Step 4: Body

After that put both of the sticks in a cross and twist them like shown above.

Step 5: Final Step

After that glue a pompom on the body of the monster just for looks and this is optional after you've done that just twist the bottom of the monster onto the body of the pencil and you're done and you can also glue it on the pencil if you don't what remove it and you're done with the first one.

Step 6: Items

1. 3x Pipe Cleaners
2. 1 pair of fake eyes
3. any glue like hot glue, UHU etc.
4. A pair of scissors.

Step 7: 2nd Idea "Butterfly Ring"

So the second Idea is a ring you can give to anyone as a gift.

Step 8: Ring Size

firstly measure the size of your finger and cut the extra stick and that's the first step

Step 9: Antennas and Eyes

So firstly take the pipe Cleaner and food it half and roll it back down like shown above the twist a little from the bottom and the stick the eyes with glue on the empty part of the head.

Step 10: Body

After that take a pipe Cleaner and bend it into a butterfly like shape and to make it easier first bend it into a shape like Mickey mouse's ears and make a mouth like shape on the bottom and then push in the cheeks.

Step 11:

After that stick the head onto the body and then stick the ring onto the body from the bottom and let dry and after that you're done and you can bend the above ring area into any shape like a heart or stick the monster we made earlier onto the ring.

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