Introduction: 2 Part Modular Origami STUVWXYZ

Hello to all readers, in this Instructable I will show you how to make a modular origami STUVWXYZ.

All the letters in a row like that identifies the amount of identical sides there are in this model.

There is a lot to be said about this particular series of models but it wouldn't fit here!

So the model I will show you how to make is pictured in this step, it has 8 identical fins that are arranged in a circle.

A normal origami STUVWXYZ would have 56 units, this is the easiest way to make an origami STUVWXYZ with only 2 units!

Read on to find out how!

Step 1:

So you have decided to get this far.

What you are going to do is get two pieces of paper (if they are A4 make them into squares) and then fold them in half along both the diagonals.

You also have to fold both the horizontal half mark and the vertical half mark like shown in the second photo.

The next step is a little harder so I won't combine the two.

Step 2:

Now with your creased square you will have to collapse it into a waterbomb base.

This should be easy and don't make any extra creases while collapsing.

Once it is collapsed fold the two fins on the left together and fold the two remaining fins together so you have a triangle with 4 layers under each point.

Once you have done that you need to lay it flat and lift up one of the flaps so it is vertical.

Now fold the top edge to the center of the triangle like shown in the second photo.

Once you have done that you need to unfold it and repeat going the other way.

Now with the creases marked you need to squash fold it.

Do this by putting the flap vertical again and pushing the top down so the sides bulge out where the creases are.

It should look like the fourth photo.

Now you need to do this to the remaining three flaps on this sheet and then do it to the four flaps on the other sheet.

Step 3:

Now get both your sheets of paper and open them up a little ways.

It should look like the first and second photos in this step.

You now need to open them all the way so they sit flat again.

Arrange them point-to-point like in the third photo.

Choose one of the pieces to go on the outside and one of the pieces to go on the inside of the model.

Mow apply glue to the (now read carefully) Apply glue to the outside of the inside module and then stick it to the inside of the outside module, apply pressure until the glue sticks and the repeat on the remaining three points

Once it all comes together you have made your very own origami STUVWXYZ!

Thanks for reading, please vote for me in the papercraft contest and check out my other 67 'ibles!

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