Introduction: 2 Steps to Make Red Cherry Earrings With Simple Wire Wrapping Technique

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Here is a short tutorial about wire wrapping red cherry earrings with simple wirework techniques. The earrings project is fun and free for your convenient option. You don’t have to be a jewelry master to present a fun, exquisite and fashionable earrings project. Most handmade jewelry are easy to make, like this one – wire wrapped red cherry earrings. This Christmas project is inspired by a chic pair of pearl earrings at a jewelry web store.

Step 1: The Necessities for Wire Wrapped Cherry Earrings:

0.8mm dark brown copper wire

0.3mm green copper wire

10mm red faceted glass beads

6mm green bicone beads

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter

Step 2: Wire Wrap the Prototype of Red Cherry

1st, cut a 15cm length of copper and bend one end into 90 degrees with flat nose plier;

2nd, loop the end with round nose plier;

3rd, leave 1cm length below the loop and wrap wire around reamer’s handle, so the first leaf is shaped;

4th, slightly adjust the leaf and wrap wire below the leaf shape twice;

5th, leave 1cm interval and wrap another leaf at the opposite position;

6th, string a red glass bead onto wire and bend the end upward;

7th, rotate the bead toward wire, so the bead is half wrapped and won’t fall off.

Step 3: Finish the Cherry’s Leaves

1st, cut a 20cm length of green copper wire and coil it around leaf several times;

2nd, string a green bicone bead onto wire and continue coiling;

3rd, when the leaf is fully coiled by green wire, stop and cut off excess wire;

4th, repeat above process to handle the other leaf;

5th, attach ear hook to the red cherry dangle.

Step 4:

The final red cherry earrings look like this.

Fantastic red cherry earrings are done! In this tutorial, you need to be familiar to some basic wire wrapping techniques, such as wire wrapping links, caging bead and even coiling.