Introduction: 20oz Bottle Rocket

Ground bottle rocket plane

Step 1: The Soda Bottle

Firstly get a soda bottle and drink or empty the soda inside.

Note: Any soda bottle works, we will be using a 20 oz bottle in these instructions. DO NOT USE any other type of bottle, soda bottles are meant to handle a good amount of pressure for the carbonation.

Step 2: Hammer

Find a hammer and a nail, any sizes are acceptable.

Step 3: Hole

Remove the cap from the bottle and nail a hole into it. It is best to get the hole as centered as possible.

Step 4: Tape

Find a type of strong tape, cut off a piece. Get a small pin as shown and use the pin to make a very small hole in the tape.

Step 5: Verify

Make sure the tape will be able to cover the cap.

Step 6: Wrap

Line up the tiny hole with the hole in the cap and cover the cap with the tape. Then screw on the cap onto the bottle.

Step 7: Bike Pump

Locate a bike pump that has a pressure reading, place the bottle rocket next to the bike pump. Feel free to add any wings or anything you so desire.

Note: The rocket shown was designed to take off from the ground like an airplane.

Step 8: Connection

Place the bike pump pin inside the soda bottle.

Step 9: Pump

Start pumping the bike pump until the pressure reading is around 50 psi.

Note: Don't exceed 50 psi.

Step 10: Release

After the pressure is around 50 psi, move the bottle off of the bike pump pin and release. The bottle will rocket away!