Introduction: 2.2. Dollhouse Project, Part 2 | Learn SelfCAD

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Step 1: Save As a New Project

First of all, I want to keep the original object and cut its copy into pieces. In SelfCAD, we can create a copy of the entire project. Click File, Save project as and enter the name of a copy. After applying you're still in the original project. Since I saved the copy as "House, printing", I switched the project to this new one.

Step 2: Use Cube Selection

Use Cube Selection (R+C) to select part of the house. Exact selection has to be enabled in order to create new edges and select exactly everything inside the selection cube. Do not cut the chimneys and holes for windows and doors.

Step 3: Split the Selection

Use Split (U+S) to cut off the selection from the model.

Step 4: Resolution

Use Resolution with value 0 to remove unnecessary edges.

Step 5: Fill Polygons

As you can see after using Split, several faces are missing.

Select three edges like in the image and then use Fill Polygons (T+F). Continue filling the polygons so that there are no holes in the object

Step 6: Scale the Object

This object is almost ready for printing. We still have to change its scale from 1:10 to 1:50 by decreasing its size 5 times.

Select the object and use Scale. Open the advanced settings and enable the Keep Proportion switcher. Now you can change one of the dimensions to 5 times smaller.

Step 7: Repeat Previous Steps

Repeat previous steps to prepare the whole house for printing.

Step 8: Next Lesson

Our house is ready, but it still needs windows. Click here to see how you can model them.