2.4G Wireless Data Collation System Based on Arduino RF Uart



Introduction: 2.4G Wireless Data Collation System Based on Arduino RF Uart

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Modern smart home can easily connect to each other all the electrical equipment, but almost all terminals rely on power supply provided energy, so we need to do a smaller size power,INHAOS AC-5000 provides 5W of power in a small size, it enough for most of the terminal equipment to provide adequate power supply .

Burn-in test is an important step as a standard power supply manufacturing process,after completing the assembly of each product should be carried out over four hours of power test with full load,this step will ensure that the load capacity and long-term stability of the product,each INHAOS AC-5000 product must be execlution 12 hours of burn-in test, strict standards are three times more than the generally product.

AC-5000 series include below products:

AC-5000-5V: Input AC 85 to 265V , Output DC 5V 1000mA

AC-5000-9V: Input AC 85 to 265V , Output DC 9V 600mA

AC-5000-12V: Input AC 85 to 265V , Output DC 12V 500mA

Now we have to explain how this Burn-in system works.

Step 1: System Design and Material Preparation

AC-5000 is a very good AC to DC power supply series, It is compact, stable performance, mainly used for directly from AC power supply scenarios like RF relay control board . It hase 3 voltage for user choice:

AC-5000-5V: Input AC 85 to 265V , Output DC 5V 1000mA

AC-5000-9V: Input AC 85 to 265V , Output DC 9V 600mA

AC-5000-12V: Input AC 85 to 265V , Output DC 12V 500mA

UNO-CORE is a compact version of UNO board , all IO has sink to a double row 2.54mm connector , onboard 3.3V LDO , user will be very easy to add LC-3000 to implement RF connection , UNO-CORE has two MCU version:


MassDuino UNO-CORE:use MD-328D

The ATMega328P have 10bit ADC , and MD-328D support 10bit/12bit/16bit ADC , here we use MassDuino UNO-CORE with 12bit ADC , to get more accuracy of ADC.

UNO-CORE have no onboard USB to UART convertor , so here we need a USB to UART cable , INHAOS have a number of choice for the USB to UART cable:

UC-2102 : http://www.inhaos.com/product_info.php?products_i...

UC-340G : http://www.inhaos.com/product_info.php?products_id...

AC-5000 : http://www.inhaos.com/product_info.php?products_i...

MassDuino UNO-CORE: http://www.inhaos.com/product_info.php?products_i...

LC-3000 is a Multi-to-Multi RF UART module , user can be very easy to implemented wireless M2M communication through simple UART programming.


Also we need to made a test board.

The schematic and the PCB design are show in the picture , each DUT with a const load , the value is :

AC-5000-5V: Load resistor = 5.1R 20W , rated power = 4.9W

AC-5000-9V: Load resistor = 15R 20W , rated power = 5.4W

AC-5000-12V: Load resistor = 24R 20W , rated power = 6W

The ADC reference is 3.3V , so we need a voltage divider to extend input range , the input range is :

Max Input = 1K / (1K + 5.1K) * 3.3V = 20.13V

We used 12bit resolution for ADC , so the voltage resolution is:

Resolution = Max Range / (2^12) = 4.915mV

For this application , it is very good resolution.

Test systems and data collection centers are in two different places, they will connected by LC-3000 wireless communication .

Step 2: System Connection and Test

In the burn test, a lot of power at full load, and continue to work for a long time, it will generation very high heat,after measurement, the maximum temperature of the test plate surface reached 115degrees Celsius, which for UNO and LC-3000 stability is an extremely rigorous challenge.

For security reasons, we will arranged the test system in a ventilated place and away from local data collection center, all the test data will be sent to a data collection center by LC-3000.

LC-3000 is a Multi-to-Multi (M2M) 2.4GHz wireless uart module , it contains multi Master and multi Slave , any Master can be talking to any Slave if they are paired. The Feature of LC-3000 in below:

1, Multiplex Master and multiple Slave can be paired each other.

2, Any Master can be communication to Any Slave .

3, Master can not communication with Master and Slave are also.

4, After paired , the communication format is:



"=" is a fixed symbol

AAA is other side's address , every module have it's own 4Bytes of UID, AAA is the last byte in Decimal.

":" is a fixed symbol

DDDDDDD: is the data what you want to sent , the max lenght is 240 Bytes.

: is fixed symbol , with 2 bytes of hex data “0x13 0x10”

For example:

If Master(Add 010) want sent a string "Hello" to Slave (Add 013) , you should print below data to Master:


The Slave will be get data:


If the Salve want to reply "OK" , you should print below data to Slave:


The Master will be get data:


The Arduino code as below:



LC3000 lc01(2, 3); //configPin, busyPin

void setup()



lc01.begin(LC3000_WriteFunc, LC3000_EventProc, LC3000_SerialListenFunc);


void loop()



AdcReadProcess(); // Read ADC

Keyboard_Process(); // Key Scan

if (g_TimerState)


g_TimerState = false;

SendADCValue(); //Sent ADC Data

g_LedState = !g_LedState;

if( g_LedState )


digitalWrite( PIN_LED , HIGH );




digitalWrite( PIN_LED , LOW );




void serialEvent()


while (Serial.available())


// get the new byte:

byte inChar = Serial.read();




void LC3000_WriteFunc(uint8_t *wData, uint16_t len)


Serial.write(wData, len); //USE SERIAL1

// Serialx.write(wData, len); //USE SERIAL 2,3,4...

// mySerial.write(wData, len); //USE SOFTWARE SERIAL


//For Soft Serial Listen Process

void LC3000_SerialListenFunc()



bool LC3000_EventProc(uint8_t eventType, uint16_t cmdOrGroup, uint8_t *eventData, uint16_t eventDataLen)


switch (eventType)









return true;



We also wrote a PC software to record the data , all test data will be show on a chart and can be save as a CSV files , the PC software is write by VB2013.

Step 3: Summary

PC from the DUT distance of about 10m, through 2.4GHz RF signal communication between them, the reality shows that communication is very stable for a long time.

The chart show that the voltage is very stable in whole test processing.

Also we can see the detailed test data log in a .csv files.

Be notice , All INHAOS AC-5000 products are pass by this burn-in system , so you can use it in your project.

AC-5000-5V: Input AC 85 to 265V , Output DC 5V 1000mA

AC-5000-9V: Input AC 85 to 265V , Output DC 9V 600mA

AC-5000-12V:Input AC 85 to 265V , Output DC 12V 500mA

MassDuino UNO-CORE: http://www.inhaos.com/product_info.php?products_id...

LC-3000 : http://www.inhaos.com/product_info.php?products_id...

Thank you for your time.

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