Introduction: 24k Gold Elixir Face Serum

Do you have an obsession? A very heavy one?

Well I do! and i am pretty embarrassed about it but still I would say that I have obsession with OILS. They be essential oils or carrier, if they are effective I love them.

When I was in my teens, I stumbled upon diy solid perfume in heart locket. What they used in that perfume was the essential oils.

I was instantly hooked but to my dismay Pakistan didn't had essential oil that time, and even if they were available they were pretty expensive..

Years by years I started to look for them, even thought to actually make them myself, but after some deep research I found that the whole process is far more expensive.

At the age of 25, I found more obsessions and essential oils was not that important anymore but there was still some desire to possess some of them.

My desire changed to obsession when I found out about Lush cosmetics and to my once again *hard luck* , lush closed it's stores from India.

I tried my hand on lush goodies, you can find several esssential oil projects on my youtube channel and instuctables.

However, bathbombs and bath melts was not my thing and I once again decided to say goodbye to my obsession.

Until recently I came across insta famous 24k serums.

THIS was the peak of my obsession, "I have to make this" i thought to my self

Step 1: My Essential Oils

this is my essential oils family (btw)

Step 2: STEP 1

to make face serum the first thing I did was to find out which face serum was excellent or as you call it insta worthy.

It was farsali rose gold elixir.

the ingredients were common too.

Rosehip oil

Pumpkin oil

Safflower oil

Orange sweet essential oil

Lemon grass essential oil

Lets be very frank. I didn’t have any oil except for lemongrass.

I needed the rest but I was a little cautioned because I already bought so many essential oils however none was getting in use.

Step 3:

I contacted Moksha if they could send me 10 ml essential oils however they offered me to give free samples of 5ml essential oils if I promote there products.

I naturally accepted

Step 4: Each Essential Oil Amount Is Written on the Scale As Well As on the Note Book.

Step 5: Add 24k Gold Flakes

i got mine on amazon

Step 6:

end result.

These oils are not bleached thus the result is this color.

Step 7:

this oil was heavy for my face so I added jojoba oil to it . Pour it in a dropper bottle and your oil is ready

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