2.5' Laptop HDD Rack Form Optical Drive

Introduction: 2.5' Laptop HDD Rack Form Optical Drive

Want to buy an ssd drive or another disk drive for your laptop computer and still want to keep your old hdd disk in it?
Your laptop has an optical drive that you use very rare or is broken?

Simple: just follow these steps and you can add an extra hdd to your laptop replacing your optical drive!

Step 1: Find a Broken Sata Optical Drive

Get your hands on an a sata optical drive you no longer need or is broken. If you do  not have something like this at your home, you can try your local computer components store and ask them to give you a broken laptop optical drive. be sure to ask them to be Sata (slim-sata).

Be sure to remove everything from it and leave it just with the sata socket.

Step 2: The Soldering Part

Get your hands on some sata data and power cables and cut them to fit into the optical drive.
Then, using a soldering iron solder the wires to the socket. Be sure to consult the pinout of the slim sata socket and make sure you solder the wires correctly.

Optional, if you have a plastic glue-gun you could use that to make the whole thing more secure.

Step 3: Finish

You now have your hdd drive in an optical drive.

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    Nik NurI
    Nik NurI

    4 years ago

    how about the soldering diagram?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you.

    it will save $ from buy caddy drive !

    can u please write down about the pinout and soldering part afew more ?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    same here... this is very helpful and will save us money...

    but can you give us more instructions about the pinout and soldering part... also, did you just cut the rest of the board...? Thanks in advanced... very much... ^_^


    7 years ago

    boa noite amigo, eu quero saber quais fios devo soldar em quais pinos.

    PS: voce foi muito bom, só faltou isso para ser perfeito