2D and 3D Things With Wooden Blocks

Introduction: 2D and 3D Things With Wooden Blocks

If you're a pixel artist, a Minecrafter or if you just want to build something cool, this is the project for you!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

- 40-100 small wooden blocks (depending on the size of what you are making)

- a glue gun

-paint in your choice of colors

-pipe cleaner or yarn (optional)

Step 2: Plan Out Your Shape

If you already have an idea for your shape, start to arrange your blocks until it looks the way you want. If you are stuck on what to make, here are some good ideas:

-a tree like mine

-a random pixel art square that you paint random colors on each block

-something from Minecraft

- a pretend Rubik's Cube

-a box

Step 3: Gluing It Together

Now, start gluing the blocks together, making sure the glue does not seep through the cracks. My method is to pick one or two blocks up, put glue on them and then keep adding groups of one or two blocks until the structure is complete.

A little glue can go a long way!

Step 4: Time to Paint!

This is where you can let yourself go wild!!!! You can use standard, sparkly or metallic paints to get the effect you want. If you want to take your project to the next level, paint each block a slightly different shade of your color by mixing small amounts of paint with black or white, or mix the paint with a lighter or darker shade of your color.

Step 5: Add a Hook (optional)

If you want your project to hang on a wall, use a pipe cleaner or yarn and make a loop. Then glue that to the back of your picture, leaving a bit of the loop sticking out so that it can be hung without falling.

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