Introduction: 2in1 Baby Sleeping Bag

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The Warm Baby/Newborn 2in1 Envelope with cute Bunny ears and a protective hood, transforms into a baby blanket and small pillow. Elastic band with a bow can be used for tying the blanket. It is double sided: one 100% natural cotton, and other soft plush.

I created this Envelope as a gift for my friend's Baby Shower, so I hope it will be useful & cute thing for coming home with baby. Follow the steps and you will sew easily a personalized envelope, an absolutely beautiful handmade present!

Let's start!

Step 1: What You’ll Need:

  • Cotton Fabric 1m x 1.5m / 40"x60"
  • Plush Fabric 1m x 1.5m / 40"x60"
  • Polyester Batting, 1 cm thickness, 1m x 1.5m / 40"x60"
  • Elastic band 3cm x 60cm /1.5"x25"
  • Thread


  • Sewing machine
  • Tape measure & Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Iron and ironing board

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

Trim off the selvage edges of your fabric.

Cut out a 1x1m square from printed fabric and batting.

Step 3: A Quilted Layer

Iron your cotton fabric by diagonals.

From middle (on line) mark 22cm/8.5" and pin, use one more pin at next 22cm/8.5". Iron carefully and exactly perpendicular.

Step 4: Sew a Quilted Layer

Place a fabric or polyester batting and using a plenty of pins pin all around, and all lines... so it will be easier to sew.

Set minimal thread tension(0) and maximal stitch length(4). First sew on diagonals, and after move at next lines. When you make the intersections, stretch the fabric very well to prevent any wrinkles.

Step 5: Cut Out the Plush Fabric

Place the quilted side on plush and cut out a same size square. We cut out this part now because after quilting the fabric can change the size a little bit.

Set them aside.

Step 6: The Hood

Cut out 3 triangles from each fabric, by 40cm/16" on short sides.

  • First- Plush with right side up
  • Second- Printed fabric with right side down
  • Third- Polyester Batting

Sew the long side and trim and surplus (leave 0.5cm from stitch). Turn the pluch layer and you will obtain the batting inside. Make one more stich on right side to enclose the raw endings and create cute border. Set aside.

Step 7: Bunny Ears

For ear template, take a paper and draw a rectangle 15x40cm/6"x 16". Round the corners (more narrow on top and wider on bottom). Cut out, by template, 2 pieces from plush and 2 pieces from fabric. Put right sides together and sew it up, leaving a gap on bottom. Turn right side out.

Step 8: Envelope Assembling

  1. Plush with right side up
  2. The hood, face to face the same fabric
  3. Bunny ears, face to face the same fabric
  4. Quilted layer with right side down and same print orientation like on hood.

Looks like a giant burger)) but respect the order and position of the layers and after turning out you will obtain a perfect envelope.

Sew by hand around edges with large stitches and contrast thread, leaving a gap 15 cm/6" for turning out. Now the layers don't slide and you can sew on sewing machine. Turn right side out.

Sew, by hand, along the opening to close the gap. To make the border, start from hood seam and continue all around (about 1cm from edge).

Step 9: Elastic Band

You need:

  • 1 strip 13cmx1m /5"x40"
  • 1 strip 13cmx20cm /5"x8"
  • Elastic band 60cm /25"

Fold in half the strip, with right side inside, and sew along it. Turn out and iron the seam (it should be in the middle). Do the same with the other one.

Insert the elastic band and stitch the endings. After, sew along the middle of the band meanwhile stretching it. Make a loop and sew together the endings.

Take a short band, wrap around and sew by hand.

Step 10: Bow/Pillow

Cut out from soft fabric a rectangle 35cmx50cm /14"x 20".

Fold in half (right sides together) and sew on longest side. Turn the stitch to the middle of one side. This will be the backside of our pillow. Sew remaining sides, but leave the 10cm /4" gap to turn and stuff the pillow case. Sew the opening by hand.

Fold accurately the pillow and insert in small loop. Now you have a big present Bow)

Step 11: Voilà!

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