2x16 Display

Introduction: 2x16 Display

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For the sumobots course ...

In this instructable we are going to control a 2 row display using our nano.

These units are found for $4.80 here.

This display uses I2C protocol. The 4 wires that are used to connect and power are: GND, VCC (5V), SDA (A4 on nano) and SCL (A5 on the nano).

Step 1: Connect to Nano and Upload Sketch

This is how it looks connected to the top plate.

  • Disconnect the current top plate
  • Place the new top plate on the sumo bot nano
  • Connect the nano cable
  • Copy the directory found in the attached .zip file to Documents/Arduino/libraries
  • Load the attached Display.ino sketch on your nano
  • The unit will blink for a few seconds and then say hello
  • You can type a message in the Serial monitor, and it will appear on the display (baud rate should be 9600).
  • Note: there is a contrast potentiometer on the back of the unit which will vary the contrast.

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