Introduction: 2x2x2 Paper Rubik's Cube #HMS2018

Everyone loves to play with Rubik's cubes. This 3-D combination puzzle is very fun and sometimes challenging to solve. However, have you ever tried making one? This instructable will help you build your very own 2x2x2 paper Rubik's cube.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

12 pieces of copy paper




Step 2: Square Paper

If you don't have square paper, you will have use copy paper. Fold the paper into a triangle and cut out the extra piece. This will give you a square piece of paper. Fold and cut the paper into fourths. You will end up having four pieces of square paper. Repeat this step for the other copy paper.

Step 3: Creating a Modular Sonobe Unit - Part 1

Fold the square paper horizontally into fourths. Fold a small triangle on the top-right and the bottom-left. Next, fold the top side of the paper. After that, fold a big triangle, which is twice the length of the small triangle, at the top-left.

Step 4: Creating a Modular Sonobe Unit - Part 2

Fold the bottom side of the paper. Make a big triangle from the bottom-right. Now here is the tricky part. Insert the triangle you folded under the flap. Flip the paper to the back side. Fold the pointy edges straight across to reach the other side.

Do this to all of your square pieces of paper.

Step 5: Creating a Modular Sonobe Cube

Grab six of your units. To connect these units together, grab one of the pointy tips from one unit and insert it into a small slot in the base of a different unit. Connect all of the units to make a cube. There are different ways to make it, as long as each side of the cube has to have one base.There cannot be two unit bases on one side.

Tape it up if it is likely to fall apart.

Step 6: Adding String

Place and tape your string at the top side of the cube. Make sure the string starts at the top left corner and moves down diagonally toward the bottom right corner. Starting from that corner, place and tape up the beginning of the string from the top left of the cube to the bottom right. Go down from that edge. Then, do the same thing, parallel to what you did at the top side of the cube.

Step 7: Continue the String

Get another cube and make a bridge to connect it. However, you have to do the opposite of what you did on the last cube. This time the string starts at the bottom left and goes up to the top right. Keep wrapping the string around the cube, just like the last cube. Do the same for the other cubes.

Step 8: Putting It Together

When you are done, put the cubes together. First, get the first group of cubes. Align it so that one cube is at the top left and the other cube is at the bottom right. Make sure the connected string is facing the top. Add the next group, but this time you make the first cube at the top right and the second is at the bottom left. Twist those two groups once or twice so that the the connected strings are twisted up together.

Step 9: Stack Them Up

Do the same thing for the other two groups. When done, stack it up from the first one. Make sure the twisted strings are on the bottom side this time. That way, all of the twisted strings are on the inside of the big cube.

Step 10: Twist Them Up

Twist all of the cubes up together, so that it doesn't fall apart.

Step 11: Enjoy!

Lastly, add your finishing touches. You may add any design you like, such as patterns and colors, to make it look decorative. I had a lot of fun putting all of these together. I hope you enjoyed this Instructable and want to try it out for yourself.