3-D Butterfly Wall Art

Introduction: 3-D Butterfly Wall Art

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Hey Friends! In this Instructable I will teach you how to make this 3-D butterfly wall art. It looks so cute! This idea was inspired by my cousins old room. She used to have something similar to this and I just bought a butterfly paper punch, so I decided to try it. It is pretty simple to make, just requires a lot of patience. Lol. Let's Get Started!!!

I am entering this Instructable in the Paper Contest, so if you enjoyed this tutorial, please vote for me. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

Step 1: Supplies

Before we get started you will need to gather your supplies. Here is a list of what you will need-

-Tape Runner

-Brush Pen

-White Cardstock

-Paper for Butterflies (Paint Chips Work Great! Lol)

-Butterfly Paper Punch (I use the Momenta Butterfly Punch)

-Hot Glue Gun

-A lot of Patience Lol

You will also want to pick a cute saying to hand letter. I chose "Do what's right, even if that means flying solo."

Step 2: Butterflies!

Now it is time to start punching out our paper butterflies!

1. Grab Your Butterfly Punch

2. Insert the Paper and Squeeze the Handle

3. Repeat this Until You Have a Good Amount of Butterflies

Step 3: Making 3-D Butterflies

1. Plug in Your Hot Glue Gun

2. Put a Small Dot of Glue in the Center of the Butterfly

3. Grab Another Butterfly of the Same Color and Place On Top

4. Gently Pull on the Top Layer of Wings to Get That 3-D Look

5. Repeat Until All Butterflies are 3-D

Step 4: Adding Our 3-D Butterflies

1. Place All of Your Butterflies on Your Cardstock (Be Sure To Leave Space for your Saying)

2. Get Your Tape Runner and Stick Them to the Paper

Step 5: Hand Lettering

1. Grab Your Brush Pen and Hand Letter Your Saying

If you do not have a brush pen or do not know how to hand letter, I have a different Instructable that teaches you faux calligraphy with just a pen.

Step 6: Done!

We are finished! All you have to do is pop it in frame and put it on the wall for all to admire. I love how simple this was and how cute it turned out!

I have entered this Instructable in the Paper Contest, so if you enjoyed this tutorial, please vote for me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    2 years ago

    Such a cute and positive piece of artwork! Thank you for sharing this with us!


    Reply 2 years ago