Introduction: 3-D or Flat Paper Star

The star can be either flat or 3 dimensional

Step 1:

Each star needs 4 strips of paper. The length strip should be 30 times the width. Here I used 3/4" x 21".Make a basket weave as shown and tighten

Step 2:

Make a second basket weave on top of the first.

Bring left hand strip over to right.

Bring second strip up over first.

Bring third strip to left over the second

Bring last strip down over the third and under the first strip. Pull tight

Step 3:

Working with the strip in upper right hand.

Fold the strip under itself.

Fold the strip down

Fold the strip over completing the first point of the star

Step 4:

Folding the point down bring the end of the strip under the basket weave as shown and pull tight

Step 5:

Turning the weave 90 degrees in either direction make a second point in the same manner

Step 6:

Tie two more points in the same manner

Step 7:

Turn the weave over and make 4 more points.

If you ant to stop at this point trim the ends as they emerge from the weave

Step 8:

If you want to make a 3-D star.

Starting with the upper left trim a slight angle into the strip

Bring that end underneath the strip to its left.

It will emerge through the triangle point.

Pull on the end that comes through the point to form first pyramid point

Step 9:

Turn the weave 90 degrees, trim the end.

Bring the end under the pyramid and pull to form the next pyramid

Step 10:

Tie two more pyramids in this manner. Turn the weave over and tie four pyramids.

Trim the ends as they emerge from the 8 points