Introduction: 3 DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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3 Project in one! What's even better is this was all scrap wood I had laying around! Shh don't tell my fiancé that :D

Step 1: Infinity Heart: to CNC or Not to CNC

Yes you see me using a CNC for this but you don't need to. You can use a Scroll saw or bandsaw and on my website I have the designs available for Free!

But for the CNC I ran with a 1/8in bit and but out the Infinity You ~ Me out of a 22in heart.

Step 2: Infinity Heart: Adding Pallet Wood

I don't use pallet wood as much as I should but I coughed up some I had laying around the shop and cut them into 1.5in strips. This gave me a perfect size to cover the 22in heart.

I used wood glue and super glue to hold these in place.

After I had it laid out, I finished cutting out the heart on the CNC and added the Infinite You ~ Me

Step 3: Infinity Heart: Final With Coat Hook

I really like how this came out and I added the coat hook for towels and such!

Step 4: I Heart Home: CNC Cutout

Again, no need for a CNC on this one.. I cut this design out leaving some room on the bottom to add hooks for keys.

I later added a 1/4in heart in the opposite grain direction to add some contrast to the heart.

Step 5: I Heart Home: Adding Hooks and Finsh

Hooks can be found anywhere and these were small enough so I could add keys to it.

Finished with a coat of clear lacquer.

*Also note that I used keyhole pockets to attach this to the wall.

Step 6: I Heart Home: Hanging Keys

This has been on my list for some time so I am happy to have a place to put my keys and not all over my nightstand :D

Step 7: Love Dish: CNC Cutout

Now this one probably needs to be on the CNC unless you don't make the v-carve. None-the-less, I used some scrape cherry and maple to make a 6in block.

Cut the main pocket with a 1/4in but and finished it off with a deeper v-carve..

Step 8: Love Dish: Perfect for Rings and More

This was an answer to my fiancé not having a place to put her ring when she went to bed.

I like how all these came out and hopefully you get some creative ideas from it.

Here is the full article if you want to download the designs for Free...