3 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Introduction: 3 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Water. This liquid is necessary for life to exist and for our health. According to WebMD, drinking more water can help with weight loss, lowering sugar, cholesterol, salt, and saturated fat consumption. It also helps with hydration, aids in digestion, and much much more. You know you need to drink more water but always forget? Here are three ways to help you remember.

Step 1: #1: Water Chart

This simple chart can help you to keep track of how much you're drinking as well as motivating you to drink more. You can easily make your own or download mine.

Step 2: #2: Flavored Water

Flavoring your water can help you enjoy drinking water more while getting in your daily fluid consumption. Some easy healthy flavorings are:

Lemon/Lime juice: Lemon and lime juice are great sources of vitamin C and a squirt of lemon or lime juice is a great way to add a little pizzazz to your water.

Ginger: Slices of ginger or ginger extract in your water can also help with the taste factor as well as the great benefits of ginger in your body.

Fruit Juice: Adding a little fruit juice to your water helps lower not the sugar content of just drinking plain juice but still improves the taste of your water.

Emergen C: Emergen C is full of vitamin C and electrolytes which makes it a great choice for flavored water.

Other ways to flavor your water are herbal tea, zero-calorie vitamin water, and coconut water.

Note: Avoid sugary beverages such as soda, sweetened coffee, etc. as they will dehydrate you instead of hydrating you!

Step 3: #3: Cute Water Bottle or Cup

Another way to drink more water is is to get and use a cute water bottle or cup. Having a portable water container that you can carry it with you not only motivates you to drink more but makes the water readily available. I ordered this bottle from Amazon and it's great. I can put hot or cold beverages in it without is losing much heat (or cold) over time.

Step 4: Stay Healthy :)

That's it, three ways to help you drink more. Even though drinking water is not the only way to stay healthy, it's one step in the right direction. Vote for me in the Home Remedies Contest if you enjoyed this guide! Stay healthy ;)!

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