Introduction: 3 Helpful Rope Tips

In this instructable, I will teach you 3 helpful tips and tricks for using and storing rope more easily and efficiently.


For this instructable, all you will need is a piece of rope and a bit of patience!

Step 1: Tip One: How to Correctly Coil Rope

Coiling rope is the easiest and most efficient way to store rope without it becoming tangled or damaged. If these steps are not clear, feel free to reference the pictures above.

Step 1: Grab either end of the rope.

Step 2: Make a loop the size that you want the coil to be. Continue making loops the same size until there is not enough rope to make another loop.

Step 3: Lay the remaining rope from the top left across to the top right of the coil.

Step 4: Take the end that you just moved and tuck it under and through the circle at the top.

Step 5: While holding the top of the coil, pull the end tight carefully, so as not to undo the coil.

Now your rope is coiled. you can use the extra rope sticking off the top to hang it from something, like a shelf for storage. If you need to uncoil the rope, simply untie the knot at the top.

Step 2: Tip #2-How to Make and Use a Purchase System

In this section, I'll be showing you how to create a purchase system. A purchase system is an easy way to tighten a line with a heavy load, or to securely tie down something.

Step 1: Tie the line around what you wish to tie the object to.

Step 2: Make a small loop just in front of the first knot.

Step 3: Loop the free end around the object to be tied down.

Step 4: Loop the free end through the small loop you created in step 2.

Step 5: Pull tight and tie.

This method will be easy enough to use for most loads, but for extremely heavy loads reference the following steps:

Step 5.1: Create another small loop in the rope by the object to be pulled. (see 5.1)

Step 5.2: Pull the end of the rope through the original loop and then through the 2nd loop.

Step 5.3: Pull tight and tie.

Step 3: Tip #3- Using Figure Eight Knots to Grip a Line.

This final tip is to help you grip a line. It is a very simple knot, and it makes lines easier to grip in any condition, even when wet.

Step 1: Make a small loop in the line, near the end that you want to grip.

Step 2: Move the end of the line under the line. (See image 2.)

Step 3: Pull the end of the line through the loop made in step 1.

Step 4: Pull tight.

Now you know 3 helpful tips to make use and storage of rope and line even easier than before.

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