Introduction: 3 Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream

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The recipe i’m writting down is for people that likes Bakery (in a while you’ll see why) and/or are in a ketogenic diet! This is a recipe for chocolate ice cream with just three ingredients, is easy and if you have a sweet tooth like me and are in keto, this will help you. When I discovered this, I knew I had to try it and I don’t regret it. Now too much talk, let’s get down to business.


1 ½ cup of heavy whipping cream (this was what I was talking about bakery/keto)

½ cup of unsweetened cocoa

1/3 cup of svetia or the sweetener of your choice

Step 1: Mix the Ingredients

First, you have to put a bowl in the freezer, just so the whipping cream keeps like a cold environment, once is cold, take it out of the freezer and put everything in there, and with a manual mixer (because if you do it by hand it will take you ages, but feel free to try it) you will mix everything.

Step 2: Soft Peaks

It took me about 20 minutes to have soft peaks (like in the picture). Once you have that, transfer the mixture to a container to put it in the freezer. I know it would have been better if I had use a metal container, but I don’t have one, so I used a plastic one.

Step 3: In the Freezer

I didn’t show this, but every couple hours, I stirred the ice cream just so it would freeze evenly.

Step 4: Enjoy!

So, let it in the freezer like five hours, or just leave it overnight, and your ice cream will be ready! The flavor for me is just how I like it, but you can add more sugar if you want it sweeter, it depends in your tastes. And for toppings, you can use peanuts, or almonds, strawberries, or make it more chocolatey adding chocolate chips, or oreos, whatever you want!

Hope you like this recipe and don’t be afraid to give it a shot!

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