3 Ingredients Vegan Buiscuits

Introduction: 3 Ingredients Vegan Buiscuits

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This SUPER easy recipe is perfect if you have some ripe bananas or want to play a bit with your children without making a mess in the kitchen or you are on diet!

It is very easy, fast and healty recipe! Suitable for vegan and if you use gluten free oats, also for who suffers from celiac desease so need some gluten free food.

If you love bananas you have to try it!

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

- 2 ripe bananas

- 1 cup of rolled oats

- 50 gr of cocoa powder

Step 2: Mashed Bananas

In a bowl mashed the bananas using a fork.

Step 3: Mix the Cocoa and Oats

In the same bowl with the bananas mash add the cocoa powder and rolled oats.

Add the oats a bit by bit as the final amount can change depending on the size of your bananas.

Work together the mix until obtaining a omogeneous dough.

Note: I have added also some dark chocolate pieces to the mixture, but you can add what you prefer from nuts to raisins.

Step 4: Preparing the Buiscuits

With the help of a spoon, scoop some mixture on a baking tray covered by baking paper.

Flat down each buiscuit as they will cook better and will not change the shape during baking.

Put in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees C and cook for 10-15 minutes.

Leave them to cool down completely before moving or store away.

Your healty and vegan sweet snack is ready!

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    2 years ago

    I think this is definitely a treat my daughter would love to make with me, her favorite things mixed together bananas and chocolate!


    2 years ago

    This is a great idea - I'll have to give it a go next time I have ripe bananas around. :)