Introduction: 3$ Photography Lightbox

Make a very cheap lightbox to click high quality pictures!

and it costs only 3 dollars! (atleast in my country)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

What you need :

- A box to enlighten. (Free)
- A4 Paper (Free)
- Scissors (Free)
- Pencil (Free)
- Ruler (Free)
- Glue stick (Free)
- Knife/Something to cut the box (Free)
- Ceiling LED light w/ 12V adapter (200INR/3$) PS. I find the square ones better for the purpose. there are cheaper no brand ones and more expensive branded ones (ex. by Philips) the branded ones have a much cooler color and are much brighter but cost ~500INR/10$. They all come in a standard size.

Step 2: Preparing the Box

On the smaller side of the box, mark your LED's dimensions with a pencil.
Measure the LED internally and mark the distance where the plastic starts getting a height, cut according to the internal lines. this will ensure a snug fit inside the box.

Start by making the hole a bit smaller, try mounting the led and cutt it down to the LED size, this will ensure that you can get a good fit.

You can also mount it on the top, but securing it there is gonna be a problem.

Step 3: Inside the Box

Lay out A4 Paper inside the box, so that least part of the brown box is visible and more of the reflective white is there.

My box had the perfect size to fit the A4 sheets :D

Step 4: Fitting It In

Fit the LED inside the cutout and make sure it fits and stays there.

connect the 12V adapter (or stick it there with double tape) and power it on!

The lightbox is ready to shed some light.

Step 5: Photos

These photo's were taken with my Redmi 2 Prime, which does not have a great camera.

Step 6: Improvements

Some improvements that can be done :
1. Using higher quality LEDs.
2. Using a wood box.
3. Using foam board instead of paper.
4. Mounting it on the top and a higher box.

You can make you photos better by fiddling with the exposure and other settings.

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