Introduction: 3 Types of Decorative!

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Lets get into the tutorial for making decorative items with glass jar!


Decorative 1: Painted Glass Jar

Glass jar

Rough white sheet



Aluminum sheet/thick sheet

Cello tape

Acrylic paint, colour of your choice

Step 1: Clean and Make the Glass Jar Ready

I applied water over the labels on the glass jar; after sometime, rubbed over it.

Wiped with clean cloth and remove unwanted things over the layer.

Step 2: Prepare the Design

To prepare the design there are two choices:

1. If you are proficient in glass painting, you may draw directly on the glass jar.

2. If you are not confident, then you can choose the method described below:

a. Draw a design of your choice in a rough sheet.

b. Place the rough sheet, over a thick sheet (supported with paper clips).

c. With pencil, draw over and over on the lines of the rough sheet. This will help to make the impression of the design outline over the thick sheet.

Step 3: Layer the Design, Over the Glass Jar

You may create a stencil out the thick sheet and cut the required portion of the thick sheet and wrap it around the glass jar(at appropriate place where the design has to be drawn) supported with cello tape.

I use a paper punching machine to create rounded dots for the center of the flower pattern.

Step 4: Apply Paint

Now, start to apply paint on the design with colors of your choice.

Once, the color is dried you may remove the stencils.


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