Introduction: 3 Unique Ways to Decorate Pumpkins Using Natural Ingredients

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Say the word “fall” and 1 of the very 1st things we think of are pumpkins. Harvesting pumpkins, eating pumpkins, carving pumpkins and decorating with pumpkins. You know I love me some succulents but when I was cooking up ideas for gussied up pumpkins, I wanted to use something else. That look has been seen over again and although I love it, time for something new. I want to share with you 3 unique ways to decorate pumpkins using ingredients found in nature.

Step 1:

Let me tell you about 2 of the 3 pumpkins (or squashes) that you see here. The brown and yellow ones came from Farmer John’s in Half Moon Bay, CA where they grow over 5o varieties of pumpkins, squashes and gourds. This seaside hamlet just south of San Francisco bills itself as the pumpkin capital of the world. Now whether that is true or not, a lot of pumpkins are grown here and when September rolls around, the fields are dotted with orange for miles around.

I do a Halloween decorating job in that area every year and brought home these 2 pumpkins. They were bought at the end of September last year and I finally got around to decorating them in May of this year. Oh my pumpkins can last a long time! Everything I used to decorate these pumpkins I had on hand – it was either collected on my walks or bought at the farmers markets.

Step 2:

The last 1 that you see is a red kuri squash which I bought here in Tucson. I moved to Arizona a few months ago and decorated it a couple of days ago using things I collected on my morning walks. A little bit of a time lapse between the decorating endeavors but it certainly gives a completely different look, a bit on the wilder side.

Step 3:

Be prepared for a change of scene towards the end of the video – 2 of the pumpkins were decorated in my garage in Santa Barbara & the 3rd in at my new home in Tucson.

Step 4:

The 1st thing I do when I decorate pumpkins, squashes or gourds is glue moss on at the top. This gives the ingredients I’m decorating with something to attach to. For the brown pumpkin I used spanish moss and for the other 2 preserved sheet moss.

If your moss has gotten old & dry, simply soak it in water to revive it. This makes it much easier to work with.

Step 5:

Gluing in a walnut I bought at the farmers market – they are a bit on the heavy side so I held them in place for about 10 seconds while the glue dried.

Step 6:

Ingredients used on the brown pumpkin:

  • lichen
  • walnuts
  • acorns
  • red eucalyptus pods
  • king palm seeds
  • seeded eucalyptus foliage

Step 7:

Ingredients used on the yellow pumpkin:

  • dried statice
  • seeded
  • eucalyptus
  • air plants

Step 8:

Ingredients used on the kuri squash:

  • mesquite pods
  • prickly pear fruits
  • liquid amber pods
  • palo verde branches
  • twisted myrtle (add something fresh like this in just before an event)

these 3 unique & creative pumpkin designs will last through the fall season.

You may not be able to find any of these ingredients where you live, but perhaps you can find a few similar jewels courtesy of Mother Nature. You can also order materials online if you’re an urban dweller or foraging isn’t your thing. So here you have it – something other than succulent adorned pumpkins to spice up your fall decor. Add in a few sublime candles, delicious food and wonderful company and your table is complete!

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Happy fall & happy creating,