Introduction: 3 Ways to Use a Sheaffer VFM Without the Proprietary Cartridges

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Have you ever run out of Sheaffer cartridges and couldn't find any more? Has it ever frustrated you that no other cartridge fits in properly?

Do you want to use more colors than just black and blue? Then look no further because this is the perfect Instructable for you!


You will need:
A Sheaffer VFM
An ink cartridge
An ink bottle

A fountain converter

Step 1:

Step 2: Method 1 : Just Pop in a Long Cartridge

Using a cartridge that is longer than the actual capacity of the pen may seem strange, but it does make sense.
Aside from the special tips and width, one of the main reasons other cartridges don't fit is because they are too long.
If you remove the body and write just like that, it will work! It doesn't feel strange at all.

Step 3: Method 2: Use an Ink Converter

You can fill the converter with bottled ink and use it like a cartridge.

It may actually fit inside the body, but even if it doesn't, you can do the same as in method 1.

Step 4: Method 3: Use Your Fountain Pen As a Dip Pen

Dip your pen into a nice bottle of ink for around 5 seconds, and you will be able to write a quarter of an A4 sheet.

This method is not suitable for travelling or professional work, but at home it makes a nice quick use of your empty pen.

Step 5: Thanks for Reading!

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable, and if you have any suggestions you can let me know in the comments.