Introduction: 3 in One Recycled Water Saving Avocado Planter

Easy recycled water saving avocado planter !

Step 1: - Materials

Two bottles

Three avocado seeds

Plant pot


Soil / Compost



Step 2: - Bottles

Cut the end off the bottle.

Drill a hole in the caps.

Fill a pot with 1/2 soil 1/2 compost.

Put the bottles cap first halfway into the soil.

Step 3: - Seed

For the avocado seed that goes into the ground peel off the first brown layer so that it is a peachy color.

Leave the skin of the seeds that are going into water

Put three or four toothpicks into the avocado seed

Put the skinless seed into the soil about 1/3 down and pat the soil around it.

Fill the bottles and let the water seep into the soil

When the water level stops decreasing fill and put the avocado seed in. The water should be halfway up the seed.

Step 4: - Finished !

The water in the bottles will seep into the soil when needed so check regularly that the water is halfway up the seed. Make sure to keep in a warm place. When seeds in bottles reach 7 inches cut back to 3, When the roots are thick plant in soil. The Avocado seeds can take up to 8 weeks to germinate so be patient !

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