3 Ingredient Lip Balm

Introduction: 3 Ingredient Lip Balm

Lip balm is the most essential thing in every ones life, specially if you have lips like mine which get severely chapped almost every day. This is due to overnight nose blockage which causes me to breathe though mouth. I tried many many lip balms, starting from mint till local chapsticks. But it always resulted in more chapped ones.
Until I read an article on ingredients to avoid in chapsticks and ingredients to look for.

Instead of writing about those ingredients I would post screen shots for you people.

As you can see in the allowed list
Vaseline/beeswax is an amazing moisturizer.

In my list I used Vaseline as beeswax was not available.

Honey is full of antioxidants which are good for aging skin and wrinkles. It is anti Bacterial too.
So I used it.

Lastly the third ingredient I used was cocoa powder. ( sugarless). It helps to firm and renews cells which are essential for lips skin growth. And for that amazing chocolate smell.

Step 1: Ingredients

Organic Honey 1/4 tsp
Petroleum jelly (vaseline) 1tablespoon
Cocoa powder a pinch

Melt Vaseline and honey in a microwave safe bowl, making sure it doesn't burn.

Once melted add in your cocoa powder and mix well. Pour in your container and left it rest for minimum an hour. Your lip balm is ready.

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    4 years ago

    What can you add as a sunscreen? I burn easily and always look for an SPF on my lip balm.


    Reply 4 years ago

    there was an essential oil which worked as a sunscreen.. i will check it for you