Introduction: 30 Minutes Pallet Ramp for Kids

I initially built this for my 3-year old son who plays with his little bike on the terrasse, so that he could access the garden as well. Basically a nice, smooth and fun transition for a 3 year-old.

It could probably also be used on the flat for a little jump, but I'd need to make it more secure and anyways, my son is a few years from that :)


All made from reclaimed pallets wood:

- 4 pallet cubes

- 12 pallet planks

- Screws

Step 1: The Support

Build the support for the right height. Mine was approximatively 27cm. I used 2 cubes on top of each other, which I tightened by screwing a plank on the side. The plank does overlap 2cm top and bottom.

Do that a second time.

Once I have both sides, I join them by screwing a plank on both top and bottom. I leave the right space between the 2 sides, for the desired total width of the ramp. For me, it was the equivalent of 6 planks side by side.

Step 2: Main Ramp

Put 6 planks side by side on a flat surface and tighten them together by screwing 3 other perpendicular planks.

Once done, screw the resulting flat surface to the support built in Step 1.

Already done!

Step 3: Test

Walk on it yourself before your kids use it, ensure it's stable enough and the wood holds well :)

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