30 Second Sweet Lemonade!

Introduction: 30 Second Sweet Lemonade!

Make sweet lemonade on the go

Step 1: Ingredients

True Lemon™ crystallized lemon

Step 2: Let's Begin

Take 20-24oz of water and add 5 grams of your favorite honey. For more of the sweet flavour add excess sugar not honey. Excess amounts of honey will change the consistency

Step 3: Step 2

Add 4 teaspoons of pure white granulated sugar to the water and honey. Stir for 5 seconds. Afterwards if you would like , you can add more sugar to change the flavour to your liking

Step 4: Step Three

Take one pack of True Lemon™ natural crystallized lemon and add it to the mixture. You can find substitutes for the true lemon at Wal-Mart , Target, etc. You can buy a hundred pack of True Lemon™ on Amazon for 15 dollars

Step 5: Final Step

Stir your lemonade for 15 seconds . Then add ice to finish your cold refreshing lemonade.Enjoy!

Bonus: for those of you with more sefistifated taste try soaking two to three fresh mint leaves in your drink,it tastes great!

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