Introduction: 30 Min Rustic Shoe Bench

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in this instructable i am going to make a super simple shoe rack , it is simple to make and you need no power is made from an old apple crate withe get used a lot in home decoration .the shoe rack is stack able if you have more shoe`s .

this project took about 30 min without lacquering.

AND NO those aren't my shoe`s : )

Step 1: Pick and Size Your Wood

i used a apple crate and a piece of pallet wood ( for the rustic look )

than i used metal square and my wood saw to cut the bar in to 3 peaces

2 peaces fore shelves and 1 cut of peace

Step 2: Sanding :(

yes even this project needs sanding , i used 120 grid to shape and basic some smoothing on the wood. than i finished of with 150 grid

Step 3: Hammer in the Shelves

1 great thing about this project is that you don`t have to hide the spikes

Step 4: ​put Some Anti Scratch Stickers on

because there are spikes all over this thing i thought it was not a bad idea to protect my floor a bit

so now youre shoe rack is complete.

until next time sir. woodster

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