Introduction: 3.2 TFT Weather Station

Yes! It is the same weather station again, but it uses a bigger display. Pls take a look at previous instructables.

I still had this 320X480 lcd display for the arduino mega and i was wondering if i could rewrite my sketch to work on it. I was lucky because of the library HX_8357 created by Bodmer (thanks mate!) is a very good one and can print floats and etc. It took me about an hour and it was working perfect.

Step 1: Parts Needed

- Arduino mega or Mega2560 pro

- 3.2 TFT LCD ILI9481 (HX8357)

- DHT11 or 22

- DS3231

- BMP180

- DS18B20

- Analog light sensor

-Libraries and sketch

Step 2: Software

Download sketch and included libraries, compile and upload.

Step 3: Prototype

I did not receive my prototype shield for my Mega that i ordered from china, so i sacrificed my RSD Mega for a time.

But i was careful and used thicker soldering wires and soldered them really carefully.

I did not wanted to change the pinout. So i made a little pcb plate with female headers for the sensors.

Not beautiful at all, but it does the job till it is finished.

I used a BMP180 sensor this time because my BMP280 sensor was acting weird and it was showing inaccurate values.

2019.02.15. Added absolute humidity calculation.

Step 4: Future Plans

I have read many articles about dust and air quality sensors. So i decided to order 2 sensor of 2 different types.

It seems not very hard to interface them with arduino boards and build in this project.

I am planning to add Air Quality readings, pressure in mmHg, digital precision humidity and light intensity.(and who knows what more)

The reason why i posted this instructable is that we have a bigger board, display , huge amount of memory (compared to the Uno) and many analog and digital pins.

When i take a look on the display it is a bit satisfying to read all possible formats of the measurement ; that's why i added those.

I have already bought the plastic enclosure for this weather station. When it will be finished i will upload the results.(i hope)

I hope some of you will have a good use for it.

Thanks for reading this instructable!