3/4" Scaled - Double Hung Window

Introduction: 3/4" Scaled - Double Hung Window

This window is perfect for a 3/4" = 1'-0" scaled model house, the video above show how i made it and then i am giving you written out "detailed" instructions as well.


I get all my supplies from www.hobbylinc.com, this includes my tools like...
-Wood- preferably "basswod"or the strength

The nails i use for this are from https://midwestproducts.com/
-Wood glue- I recommend "titebond"

Step 1: Taking Measurements and Cutting Pieces

To make this easier for everyone and eliminate confusion im going to give you the "scaled" measurements, and the "real" ones. So to start this off, in the "scaled" world this window is 3'-0" by 5'-0". Now in the "real" world this window is 2- 1/4" by 3 3/4"... So now that we have the measurements lets cut the wood.
Note:When cutting the 5' pieces, because the wood is sized to be a "2X4" in scale the piece of wood itself is 1/4" by 1/8", so when cutting the 5' piece you must subtract 1/4" from the "real" world number. Thus doing this gives you a 3 1/2" piece.

Step 2: Glue Up

So now that we have all our pieces cut, we can now go a glue up, to make sure you have everything square and accurate, layout your parts the way you want to glue them. Put dabs of glue on the longer parts (one at a time) and then while holding a long and short piece together put 2 nails in side by side to hold it together and make it stronger.

"Tip" (The nails will go in crooked so you have to make sure that you hold it straight so that it doesn't end up sticking out of the wood) Common sense. right? Just wait till it happens... Also they bend easy...

Repeat this 3 more times then the glue up is complete.

Step 3: Rails and Sashes

Were almost done, now we need to make the inner pieces of the window that hold the glass panes which are the rails and sashes. These are going to be half the 4" of the 2X4. For this You will need one strip of 1/8"x 1/8" piece of stock.
So for this part Feet and Inches are not important so I am just going to give you the "real" measurements... So for this you will need to cut (4) 2" pieces and (4) 1 9/16" pieces. These will NOTget nailed in, however you will simply just glue the pieces in where they fit.

Note:This window is a non-functional window, everything is glued in place!

Step 4: Were Done!

Your window is now complete, please let me know your thoughts and what we could do to improve these instructions!

Step 5:

Step 6:

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