37 Day, Home-Made Wine!

Introduction: 37 Day, Home-Made Wine!

About: Making Due or Making My Own.

Ever wanted to make your own wine?
Make your own wine in 30 plus days, with this simple recipe. I've been making my own wine for the last 9 years. I could never find a store bought wine that I really liked, an after watching a t.v. show about wine & winemakers, it looked easy enough, so I decided to make my own. After alot of research & trails an errors I have perfected this recipe. (The original recipe I found online) but I have tweaked it & fine tuned it. This wine starts out as a sweet wine that can become much more. Remember Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

Step 1: What You'll Need.

Sorry that some pictures are upside down...

1). a 1gallon non reactive vessel. (The first time I tried this I used a pickle jar.) Some One Step cleanser and sterilizer to ensure that only the yeast that you add grows an not those other wild ones which can destroy what you're making.

2). 2 containers of "Welches" frozen Concord concentrated Grape Juice. (Its the most forgiving.) I use Welches due to quality of the product. You may use any Non-Citrus Juice you like, but please for your First Time use "Concord Grape Juice".

3). Sugar 3 cups (white granulated)

4). Water to make a gallon. (USE SPRING or DISTILLED WATER ONLY!) Do Not Use "tap water" it makes fermentation a lot more difficult, and produces foul flavors.

5). Yeast one half teaspoon. (Not Bread Yeast)
Use a brewers yeast found at big chain Liquor Stores that normally carry brewing supplies. I like to use "Champagne Yeast". It will produce a good quality finished product.
( Not Needed But They Help: Yeast Energized & Yeast Nutrient. )
Try Here for Brewing Supplies: www.ldcarlson.com

6). a funnel, measuring cups and spoons, a microwave safe dish & something to stir with, or shake until ingredients are dissolved.

7). **The Most Important Ingredient of All is Patience!**

Step 2: Clean, Measure N' Mix

Let the Juice Concentrate thaw completely & come to room temperature. Once at room temperature add to gallon vessel.

Measure out 3 Cups of Sugar and pour into gallon vessel.

Fill a 2 cup measuring cup with water (Distilled or Spring) & heat to approximately 110 degrees F. add Yeast and let stand until needed.

Warm up remaining water. It doesn't need to be boiling just warm to the touch. This helps when dissolving the sugar. Then add to Juice & Sugar in your One Gallon Vessel until about half full. Mix extremely well & add the Yeast that was activated in the warm water that was set aside. (This is where you could add Yeast Energizer & Nutrient). Again not needed but it may help. Top of vessel with remaining water leaving about 3 inches from the vessels opening.

Mix once again & place a duel layer of plastic wrap over the Vessels opening using a fork poke a few holes into the plastic. Once all this is done, place your Vessel in a shallow bowl or container and place in a dark area for 30 days. The Temperature of the Dark Area needs to stay at a constant temp., of 70 degrees F.
*Leave it alone* After a few days you can check to see if fermentation has started. The soon to be wine will bubble along the edges or there will be a light colored froth on top or around the top of the liquid next to the glass.

Step 3: Leave It Alone Cause Your Done, for 30 Days Anyway.

Ok, so its been 30 days now an what you started has just about come to an end. The contents of that bottle should of have changed colors and be separated.
You should have a Vessel that has a translucent wine colored liquid with a dark sediment bottom.
Yes? Good.
Now you can make room for your new self made wine in your refrigerator for the next week. I know, I know waiting is hard but it does pay off.
Ok after we've set for a week in the frig., it's. time to pour a glass an try what you've made. Now pour your wine off from the sediment and discard the sediment or pour it in a mason jar seal an put back in your frig until it settles again and drink. I bottle my wine after its been in my frig for a week or more depending on how much room I have.


This Instructable Is Meant For Those 21 of Age & Older Who Take Responsibility For There Own Actions! Where I live making your own wine is perfectly legal please check with your local authorities where you live. In the U.S. check with the Local Sheriffs Office, mine helped answer all of my questions.
If you have any questions about making wine using this method please feel free to ask. I'll answer & help you to the best of my knowledge. Enjoy!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I'm going to try sometime this Summer. Thank you for making this instructable.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome step-by-step instruction, thanks for sharing! I've been wanting to make my own wine for a long time, but I always thought it would be too difficult! But this instruction looks simple enough, I'm going to try it. Have you tried to make wine with actual grapes instead of a concentrated juice? http://www.vogelsangusa.com/markets/industry/wine-industry/?L=


    6 years ago

    Hope you enjoy making your wine this summer.