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Introduction: 3D Art - Colorful Fruits Wall Art

About: People call me an artist and I call myself a poet

As an artist, I constantly ponder how I can send crucial and serious messages to people of any generations in a fun way. For me, it always has to be what children enjoy and laugh and adults relive their childhoods and imaginations. Let me share one of my projects here.



I call my art Colorful Poetry and intentionally use the colors people do not imagine from the objects. By painting such as blue oranges, green strawberries and pink lemons, I try to help ourselves get rid of stereotypes and render that all of us are different and unique. You are the blue orange. I am the pink lemon. Let’s appreciate our uniqueness. As you read on, you will get why I call this a small workshop between you and me. I hope my works can share something positive with you.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

  • Stretched canvas
  • Clay
  • Brushes
  • Acrylics
  • Imagination for coloring fruits with unique colors (this is my small workshop between you and me, let's ask ourselves what colors we really have within ourselves and show off your uniqueness to the world)

Step 2: Put Clay on Canvas

The clay I prepared is what you can use with your children. It's safe and needs no glue to stick to a canvas.

So I simply and directly put clay on a canvas.

I created one of my motifs, orange.

As always, I tried to give a unique shape to my orange hoping that people use their imaginations to think what they are and communicate with the piece by observing and touching.

Step 3: Be Patient for 4-5 Days

Before starting coloring, we have to be patient for a little while.

How many days needed to get clay perfectly dried varies according to clay but let's just relax.

Please no direct sunlight, no hair dryers and such otherwise it gets a crack.

I waited for 5 days. You see it looks different as it's getting dried.

Maybe you can take a long walk to get inspired and get ready for coloring your fruits.

Step 4: Color With Your Own Colors

What colors do you have within yourself?

All of us are colorful.

Try to get rid of stereotypes, use your imagination.

Listen to your heart and color with your own true colors.

Step 5: Done

I made lemons, too.

Children might say, "Blue orange? Pink Lemon? Weird!" Then I will explain, "Really? But what if oranges are blue in another place of this world? For people in different countries or cultures, the ordinary for you might not be the ordinary. Everybody is different. But we live in peace even in one classroom. Why? Because you appreciate your classmates' uniqueness. I wanted to show how you and I live in peace through these paintings."

Step 6: Note

These paintings are much smaller than the canvases I usually work with and I want to create bigger and also touchable ones. However, I figured out these issues.

  • To create bigger oranges and attach them to a canvas, I need lighter materials instead of clay.
  • To make it touchable for anyone to communicate with my art, I need tougher materials instead of clay that is fragile.

Wish me luck for my future project.

Step 7: Hang It and Love Your Colors

I started expressing since I was devastated by the number of young suicide due to bullying in school in my country. If you feel you do not fit in where you are now, jump out of your little world. Just like my fruits popping out of the canvas. Go see this planet is filled with numerous colors and convince yourself it's ok to be who you are.

The message of my art is:

Trust Your Colors

Live Your Colors

Love Your Colors

Thank you for reading!

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    3 years ago

    Hi, fun to see your work. Blue and orange are my latest complimentary colors so your work immediately appealed to me. Have you considered using 3/8" birch plywood as your foundation rather than canvas? If you prefer canvas covering the plywood can possibly be a way to go. Have you tried toilet paper(1/2 unrolled) soaked in 1 c.water, then blend water and tp, squeeze out water and add Elmer's glue to blended tp with a touch of mineral oil. Mix and mold. If too sticky add a bit of flour and knead. Good luck with clay experimentation.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for your warm words and ideas! I want people of any age (especially children) to try casually to create something can be hung on the wall, your ideas sound fun too! I look forward to lots of experiments.


    3 years ago

    That's pretty :) My dad liked to paint in bold colors and three dimensional medium as well.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you! I love vivid colors too :)