Introduction: 3D Bloody Teeths Halloween Mask

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This is a project I meant to do a long time ago, but eventually forgot about it. And finally this halloween I was able to finish it!

Step 1: Making the Base Mask:

I didn't take pictures of the first steps because this is an old project that I resumed but here is are the steps:

I took a baloon and started gluing strips of newspaper on one side (using a mix of glue and water untill I got the desired thickness and waited a day untill everything dryed

Then I cut the edges of the mask with a pair of scisors to get a mask shape

I then painted it black, I should have done that later but it actually helped me in the next steps

Step 2: Making the Teeths:

With the same mix of glue and water, I started shreading some toilet paper and mixed it in the glue mixture then made the teeth gums and some cones that I applied in random size and number on the mask (here the black color helped me see where I place the cones, white on white would have become confuzing)

Step 3: The Wait and the Paint:

After I placed all teeths and the gums I had to wait a day for them to dry

Then I made some holes for the eyes and painted everything and made the mask spooky with some blood (all the colors used are acrylic)

Step 4: Adding Some Fabric to the Mask:

I took a piece of fabric and using hot glue, I attatched it to the top of the mask all the way to the bottom row of teeths

Now the mask stays on my head being held by the fabric

Step 5: All Done!

I can wear it or just hang it on the wall...

In the picture I used a multipurpose black bandana to cover my chin and neck, as the mask didn't cover those parts, but using another piece of fabric glued to the bottom part of the mask will solve the problem.

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