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Introduction: 3D Jointed Puppy Dog

Meet Charlie, a 3d jointed (articulated) puppy dog that prints in one piece with print in place joints. Charlie makes a great desk companion, is cheaper to maintain than a real dog and your kids will love him.

Charlie was developed and prototyped on an UP! Mini PP3DP and ABS plastic. Once perfected he was uploaded to Shapeways. The photos above are Charlie in Strong and Flexible Plastic. I have also included a comparison photo of Shapeways and the UP! Mini PP3DP version so you can see the impressive job done by this inexpensive hobby printer.

Charlie was recently featured on http://3dprint.com/57784/3d-printable-jointed-pupp...

Charlie is one of many jointed toys I am working on and I will be releasing more toys to the printing community soon. You can check my website for updates: http://jazmy.com/products

You can download Charlie for free on my wesbite or on thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:767995

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