Introduction: 3D Letters From Hot Glue

Hi guys! In this weekend I made letters from hot glue. ;) I like using the glue gun as a 3d printer. Hope you like this project!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You don't need too many things for this project. You just have:

-Glue gun

-Hot glue


-A small wax paper

Step 2: Draw the Letter

You have to put the small wax paper to the table and if you can, fix it. Draw the letter what you want to make. If you are skillful enough you don't have to draw the letter. ;) It's better if you draw the letter and turn the paper (upside down) because it won't be dirty from the pencil. Now you can start "printing".

Step 3: The Frame

After you draw the letter from hot glue, wait until it's hard and cold. Make a copy from the shape. Now, you have two 2D letters. Connect them with glue too. :) You have to repeat it in all corners.

Step 4: Fill It

You have to fill the holes with glue. wait untl it's cold and hard. If the letter is finished, make it it thicker.

Congratulations! Your letter is finished ;) You can put it somewhere.

Please vote me! ;) Thank you! :D

Other ideas:

- if you put a magnet on it's back you can put it on the fridge ;)

-if you put a led under it, it can glow in the dark ;)

- you can make all kinds of names from the letters ;)

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