3D Magnetic Plant Vase

Introduction: 3D Magnetic Plant Vase

After years seeing all great ideas i decided to do my first instructables publish.

As all projects here, I tried to do something useful and not complicated.

The "3D Magnetic Plant Vase" it's perfect to decorate from your fridge to your workplace.

With few steps and a little bit off imagination using Tinkercad you can get good results.


- Tinkercad

- 3D printer

- Magnetics

- Hot glue

- Piece of plastic


Tinkercad is very helpful when you need something quick.

First of all you can find the option Shape Generator. Choose Brickwall and after that multiply by 4.

For the base make a square to merge with the Brickwalls. Then using the Rounding roof to do the balcony for plants and Rounding roof hole for internal space.

After that, in Shape Generators you can use any text tool to write your idea. In this case "Keep Growing" with "Bebas" font.

Tip: Pay attention to the type of fonts you use because sometimes some part of letter, like the center of the "P", "R", "A", etc. can be floating and you will need something to hold.

And the last part is the space to put your magnets inside. According to the shapeof thew magnets you are going to use, use the basic shapes tools to make a hole to fit them.

Step 2: Printing and Assembling Parts

I printed the vase using ABS filament, 100% infill and a 0.3mm layer.

After printing and cleaning the parts it's time for assemble!

The magnets were hot glued and you only have to insert the letters in the brick base.

As the word "Growing" is hollow, I put a piece of plastic to cover it so the earth stays in place and doesn't fall.

Now the vase is ready to receive your succulent plant or any other plant that you like!

Step 3: Finishing

Now is time to choose the best place in your fridge or office and enjoy!

I hope you liked this guide and maybe it will inspire you!

Thanks for looking at the instructable!

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    3 years ago

    I love the design! The words look so clean :)


    3 years ago

    This is an excellent little planter! I love that it goes on the fridge!