Introduction: 3D Ornament Snowflake Bunting!

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3D Ornament, Snowflake, Flower, Tulle, Party/Holiday/Wedding, Birthday Bunting Banner!

Step 1: Gathering Supplies!

Here's what you will need:

Patterned paper...not cardstock

tape or adhesive (I use a tape gun)

hot glue gun and lots of sticks of glue!

Silicone pad, mat or trivet
(I use a silicone apple hot pad and just turn it over...)

Cutting device:
(scissors, silhouette cameo, stampin up or other
ornament punches or dies)

Tulle, buttons, glitter...any embellishments you'd like!

Step 2: Get Cutting!

Okay now comes the part where technology saves the day!

I used the Silhouette Cameo...saved so much time cutting!!!

I used a bunch of different shaped ornaments, 
Doesn't matter which ones or what size...variety is fun!

Make a spread of ornament shapes and start cutting your patterned paper!
You will need 4 ornaments per shape...4-5 shapes per snowflake...
and 2 different shapes per snowflake

so about 32-40 ornaments per snowflake (16-20 each shape)
(32 for a 4 tipped snowflake, 40 for a 5 tipped snowflake)

This might be sketchy right now, but stay with me and you'll get it!

So, if you don't have a silhouette cameo...
you can use scissors and cut ornament shapes out of paper.
It will just take longer  :)

Step 3: Folding and Taping!

Once you have a bunch of ornaments, start folding
them in half, patterned side inside.

Here's the basic Taping construction.

Take 4 of the same ornament, folded in.
Run a strip of tape across the top of each.

Carefully stack up 1 on the other...until you've staked 4 ornaments.
Then one strip of tape across the top...and my tape gun is a mess!
Fold around the 2 ends and stick them together!

Pinch tight...It should make it all 3D...and look like an X

These would be darling hanging from a tree branch...but we're taking it further!

Now do that 5 times.
And then 5 more times with a different shaped ornament.

Step 4: Fun Part!

put a gob of hot glue on your silicone mat.

Press the ornaments gently into the hot glue...
don't burn yourself!
This is 16 pieces, 4 tipped star.

Then add the other 4 shapes of smaller size...

Then let it cool while you make a center piece!

Step 5: Center Yo Yo!

Take a strip of paper about 1" wide and 12" long...
Accordion fold the strip of paper and glue the ends together.

Press it down and hot glue it to the center of your ornament flower!

Step 6: Add Some Bling!

Add a button to the middle--I used Stampin Up's faceted buttons!

Or you could add a rhinestone, a rosette, a gem...some glitter...anything to give it some bling!

Step 7: Tulle Is Cool!

Then take some tulle, mesh, wispy fabric of some kind and cut it into strips.
Fold in half the long way...Then in half the other way...Add a dot of hot glue on the fold junction.

Tuck it under the ornaments and glue down near
the center or to the back of an ornament...

Step 8:

Then, you can EASILY peel the snowflake off the silicone mat!
This part is sooooo easy it's fun!

Then I hot glued a circle on the back...You could decorate the back the same way you did the front, then it would look glorious no matter how it spun!

You can make them all different!

Then, mass produce!  

Step 9: Twine Is Fine!

Then I punched a hole in the tip of one, tied on some hot pink twine and made a gorgeous bunting/banner!

The colors I used will be perfect for my plans for Christmas...
but could easily be used for a Birthday or Holiday Banner!
Just used the colors of paper you want!
Make some out of Red, Greens and Gold!
Perfect for Christmas tree ornaments!
Do them all in Whites or Ivory...add some doilies...
Perfect for a snowy wedding!
Make them smaller for tags on gifts!
Neighbor gifts?

Mine is hanging on the mantle now...beautiful!

Hope you are inspired to make some 3D decorations now!
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