3D Painting With Rain Drops




Introduction: 3D Painting With Rain Drops

Canvas board 1.7 x 2 feet

Backer Rod of different sizes White Fomic sheets (almost 10 sheets are required) oil or acrylic paint clear Epoxy resin PVA glue & rubber adhesive Threads

Step 1: Flower & Leaf Making

I take canvas board of

size 1.7 x 2 feet. Now take different sizes of backer rods for making branch.For making 3D look i used white fomic sheet .Almost 10 fomic sheets are required for 3D look, combine all the sheets with PVA glue .I draw leaf & flower petals on this sheet ,cut all the parts carefully & fold them with your hand like i did .Take thick thread & paste it on leaf with PVA glue .Now all the parts are ready .

Step 2: Making of Bokeh Background

On canvas board i try to make bokeh background ,i take pink,green ,white,& brown oil colors to make the painting .Number of stocks or steps are required for this painting. I paint almost 7 to 8 layers .Bokeh background is ready .Let it dry for 3 to 4 days.

Step 3: Epoxy Water &rain Drops

I take clear epoxy resin .If you try the epoxy resin you have to mix it well.Now put few drops on hard plastic sheet to make rain drops .I made different sizes of drops .After making small drops i wait few minutes for the thickness of epoxy .Now take small amount of epoxy in disposable spoon to make large drop of water .Let it dry for 24 hours .

Step 4: Assembling 3D Parts & Coloring

Now paste all 3D parts of

on canvas board with rubber solution .Now its time to paint the flower ,leaf & branch .You may use different colors according to your choice. I use pink, green ,yellow , red,etc .i paint different sheds on flower for look real. now closeup look is ready .

Step 5: Few Final Pics

With the help of epoxy i

stick water drops on different places as i required .Now my 3D painting with rain drops is ready .Few final pics of closeup are placed in last .You must try it & comment on suggestion box .

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