3D Pen V2 Engine

Introduction: 3D Pen V2 Engine

Today I'm going to tell you how to make a model of a V2 engine. This model can be used to demonstrate how an engine's cam works to produce linear motion from rotational motion.

Step 1: Parts

First, you have to make all the parts in the template attached. To make the cylinders, doodle on the outside of a 40 mm thick tube. For making the pistons, doodle on the inside of the 40 mm thick tube.

Step 2: Cylinders!

Join one of the side cover with the two cylinder holders and also attach the cylinders to the cylinder holders, make sure you have the correct alignment of the parts.

Step 3: Crank Up!

Cut some pieces of 3 mm plastic rods and assemble the crankshaft with the connecting rod between the crank. Refer the picture to get this step better.

Step 4: Pistons!

Now, cut some more pieces of the same plastic rods and attach the pistons with your 3d pen. Refer the picture to do it.

Step 5: Cover Up!

Put the pistons in the cylinders, put the second cover on the engine and cover the bottom with the rectangular piece.

Step 6: Congratulations

And you're done, see the result of your hard work. The template is in Step 1.

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