3D Print a Shop Vac Hose Adapter

Introduction: 3D Print a Shop Vac Hose Adapter

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I used Fusion 360 for the first time to design this custom Shop Vac Hose Adapter. One side inserts into a 2" hose and the other side accepts 2-1/4" vac attachments. I could not find this part anywhere in the size I needed. This was a great project for learning the basics of Fusion 360 and 3D Printing. Check out my video of this project and click here for my website article.

Step 1: Fusion 360 Design

I found it really easy to get started in Fusion 360 for this project. I drew a 2.2" circle, then drew a 2.4" circle and moved it up 1.5". I connected the two using the Loft tool. Then, I drew a 2" circle and moved it up .25" above that section and used the Loft tool to connect it to the main part. Next I selected the 2" face and extruded it 1/5". I used the Shell and Hole tools to hollow out the solid object then exported the STL file.

Step 2: Cura 3D Slicing

I imported the STL file into Cura. It imported as mm, so I had to change the size to 82.55mm long (3.25"). I rotated the object so it was standing vertically. I selected the Dense option to make sure it would be strong, then saved the GCODE file to an SD card.

Step 3: Print It!

I have an older Folger Tech Prusa i3 3D Printer. It was a kit and you can still get them today with the same core components pretty inexpensively. I inserted the SD card, then printed it and it worked! The fitting slides securely into the hose and the vac attachments slide onto the tapered end with a nice friction fit. Thanks for checking out my very first 3D Printer project that I designed myself!

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