Introduction: 3D Printed BB Gun Vertical Wall Mount

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This 3d printed BB gun wall mount allows you to hang your BB gun vertically on a wall, or in a closet. It's a great option for a BB gun holder, because you can choose what ever color you want, and also make it your self at barely any cost if you have access to a 3d printer. Please make sure to unload the gun before storing, to ensure safe storage.


3D printer



Circular File (You can use a regular file, but it's harder)

Filament (preferably a strong type such as ABS or NYLON, but other non flexible filaments will work too.)

3 Screws (Masonry screws are best)

Step 1: 3D Printing the Wall Mount

I 3D printed this wall mount at 0.15mm layer height and at 25% infill. If you have a heavier BB gun, or a real rifle you want to use this for, I would use at least 30% infill if not more for a stronger wall mount. The STL is attached.

Step 2: Post Printing

After you've printed the included STL, file off any stringing on the sides of the 2 prongs. Then put the gun in the wall mount, and make sure the back of the stock is on the back of the wall mount, and that the stock is at it's lowest point between the prongs, like in the picture, resting on the prongs. Then file a small circular notch where the gun is resting between the prongs. The one notch is circled in the second picture.

Step 3: Installing the Wall Mount

Once you choose where to put the wall mount, drill 3 holes where the red circles are in the drawing below. Make sure the holes are slightly smaller than the actual screws you use. (Masonry screws are best though other screws will work too.) Once you've installed the wall mount, test it by gently putting the BB gun into the holder. If it twists and starts to fall slowly, making the notches in the sides a bit bigger, and making sure they are in the right spots can help make it work better. DONE!

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